Weight loss update

I’ve been eating much less and doing moderate walking, but really there has been less people giving food out here on Lancaster so its been great….I’m taking good advantage of the weight loss opportunity (and plus the bank for some odd reason isn’t letting me charge anymore overdrafts so that helps too.)

I’m down 2 more pounds since last time, which was maybe last week or two weeks ago. So I’m right at 201. I like being a little heavier though….because weight is intimidating….big is intimidating and people usually won’t mess with you if your big and have a commanding type voice. I sound a lot like my Daddy when he’s mad….only I don’t shake like he did.
But I do have a bit of his voice and the weight with it makes me kind-of a bully….or seem like one….even though most men are bigger and stronger and some women are too. I don’t think I want to loose less than 180 though because then I’ll look whimpy. Big and beautiful are in so I might as well sail with it.


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To change your depression, your attitude, your anything you must change your lifestyle…..and that means your routine.

What I would add to all this is 1. Start your day with at least one hour of God time: meditation, songs, prayer, reading the Word, then

2. Have some breakfast.

3. Then maybe a mile walk at first then 2 miles later….gradually building up to 2 miles….if you have the time. (If not then save the walk for after work).

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OO I Love this!

Homelessness and weight loss

I think when all else fails try being homeless for a month and you’ll be suprized how well you feel and how much weight you’ve lost afterwards, that is unless you don’t gorge yourself on all the free food people bring you.

I was scared at first, and when my brother in law and sister came to get me when I was sleeping under a bridge in Ft. Worth, I jumped at the chance to go with them. When I stepped on the scales at my sisters I’d gone from about 247-250 to 224….that’s more than 20 pounds in only 2 weeks. It wasn’t because I was starving because believe me, there are enough generous people in the world even in these last days who help us, and they will be rewarded for it too. I eat better homeless than I ever did at my moms or even by myself or married. I lost weight because I ate moderately and I got a lot more exercise. In addition, you know it works because I’m an older adult….I’m 51.

People say or ask, “but isn’t that dangerous?” Yes and No. There is safety in crowds so you don’t go to some secluded place and don’t get drunk or high so you have all your mental ability there and don’t engage in anything sexual because in some areas aides is 50%….like down town Ft. Worth. I’ve been told more than once to stay away from the men down town because they have no real interest in any of the women down there and most of them change women like they change underwear so if you want to stay alive don’t have sex with them, don’t go anywhere with them. If they want to take a walk say no unless its to some public place and you wont be alone with them.

This last time I was homeless I lost another 20 pounds and went from 228-230 to 208….that was from the summer of 2017 till Feburary of 2017 I came down another 20 lbs. We walk everywhere when homeless….to the store to the restaurant to church to the bus station. Just to the bus station to catch the train is close to a mile. If I were in Ft. Worth and I wanted to go to the library your looking at 2 miles. My favorite coffee shop is about 2 miles so your looking at least five miles a day walking.

People condemn you for not living in a house made out of bricks and wood and cement foundation. But the Indians lived in tent like structures….the ones up north lives in houses made out of ice. People today put us in bondage and insist we must live in dwellings and pay high rent just like them. Outside the AC or heat is free. Once you buy a tent you don’t have to keep paying taxes year after year. All you need is a pick up truck (maybe) or if your really adventurous a backpack with a sleeping bag. Just think of what it was like 100+ years ago….people were not afraid to do these things. People traveled on horse back and didn’t have to pay car insurance and people weren’t suing you for everything….for stepping on their toe. ( I can’t wait to leave this world!) You could go right up to a stream and drink out of the water….like you were a dear or a bear….you could catch salmon out of a river without having to have a fishing license. And many people lived just like the homeless do now, and they didn’t drug them like they are today.
I can’t wait till the world ends!

I’ve found something that really works. I really don’t want to go back to apartment living. Someday I would like to learn to build my own tent like the Indians did and have a fire in the center and want to live in a world that’s free. The world will be owned by God and if people don’t treat each other right then they will be removed or put to death. I’d like to set mine right by a stream and catch Salmon every morning like my Cherokee family (the fishers) used to do (on Grandma’s side).

Well, besides being a cute granny with cute toes and long pretty hair, I’m also in shape. People younger than me like in their 30’s or 40’s can’t keep up, have to sit down, catch their breath, rest, or they don’t want to keep going….they quit. Me? five miles a day is nothing.

In addition, I’ve been off all my diabetic medicine since 2015 and I haven’t dropped dead like the doctors said I would and my family. Every day at my moms shed insist I check my blood sugar. I got tired of checking it. At the doctors after eating a whole hand full of candy they insisted they check my blood sugar. I told them it didn’t need to be checked its elevated because I just ate a bunch of candy corn. They checked it anyway. Then said, “Your diabetic we’re putting you on insulin and one other medicine.” I said, “I told you I just ate a bunch of candy don’t you people listen?” No. they don’t. Everyone now days wants you diabetic and on psyc meds. It’s the truth! They want you to need them. Anyway, I just don’t worry about it, do my walking, eat what I want. Once you loose the weight you can go off most, if not all your diabetic meds.

After one day at my moms I realize I need my own place…… Again.

My gypsy life

The dogs woke me up at 12:00 barking at nothing.  Mom was complaining about how much of my stuff she saw in her house,  her friend that lives with her is annoyed at everything.   I’m walking on eggshells, and the TV is always on… Till 5:00 am Spanish TV and he has it turned up loud all night long.   Sometimes because her husband and her are yelling at each other S.  gets angry and starts slamming doors.   Then Mom wants to know how much my blood sugar is,  she’s too nosy.   My health is my business.

I wish I had the kind of family that cared about each other.   I wish I didn’t have to come here.   But wait I don’t.   When I get paid I go back to Dallas and pay to get car out.   I can’t get it totally out…

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Church authority: People use this to graft into “their realm of athority” anything (any rule) that is rude and unlawful or otherwise unfair.

Now for the area of “church authority”  I must ask how much authority does the church have?  Did you know with the Catholics they forbade the clergy to marry?  This is not only unbiblical it is also grounds for every sexual sin under the sun , which is why it is often heard or common that the priests in the Catholic church not only have sex with the nuns, but engage in other sexual sins like homosexuality.   I have read a lot in history about alter boys being molested at a young age by the priests….so this is one area or one example where the church has no business and that is forbidding to marry.

I faced this while considering being part of the Mennonite community about 20 years ago.  They had a head somewhere that made all the rules of “that particular sect of Mennonites”  (study Menno Simmons, church history).  Whith this /these groups they make standards or sub laws under God’s law, which is not biblical.  I found myself conforming so much to their dress code, and car code, and house code that I forgot about

God’s code:  (God’s laws).  We don’t need a dress code we just need to follow what the Bible says.  Women should dress modestly (whether pants, dresses, coulots etc.) and should not dress to entice men.  Women now days say, “Well it doesn’t matter it’s his problem.”  No, it is society’s problem.  Women in America used to care.  That’s all.  But they don’t.  And for that matter it is also good for men to dress in moderation also.

Well, these are two examples of where the church has overstepped their bounds.  I will also say it is wrong to shun people even after they have stopped committing what ever wrong they did.  We should be as God and forget each others sins just as the Lord does not hold a grudge.  David did say, “Lord if you should count our iniquities, Lord who shall stand?….God is not a God who remembers forever our sins nor should we continuously punish someone who is sorry.  But never the less it is happening so much so I don’t ever think I will be found worthy of any of the men at a a particular church

not even if I were acutally reborn a third time and became a virgin all over….I will never truly be considered an equal and probably, this is part of the reason the Father favors me…because I am unwanted, or least esteamed.  But that is also un Biblical because the Bible teaches that every person should esteem the next person as better than himself.

When we go about disqualifying people based on what ever petty reasons we can come up with we in actuality make them greater than ourselves.