Church authority: People use this to graft into “their realm of athority” anything (any rule) that is rude and unlawful or otherwise unfair.

Now for the area of “church authority”  I must ask how much authority does the church have?  Did you know with the Catholics they forbade the clergy to marry?  This is not only unbiblical it is also grounds for every sexual sin under the sun , which is why it is often heard or common that the priests in the Catholic church not only have sex with the nuns, but engage in other sexual sins like homosexuality.   I have read a lot in history about alter boys being molested at a young age by the priests….so this is one area or one example where the church has no business and that is forbidding to marry.

I faced this while considering being part of the Mennonite community about 20 years ago.  They had a head somewhere that made all the rules of “that particular sect of Mennonites”  (study Menno Simmons, church history).  Whith this /these groups they make standards or sub laws under God’s law, which is not biblical.  I found myself conforming so much to their dress code, and car code, and house code that I forgot about

God’s code:  (God’s laws).  We don’t need a dress code we just need to follow what the Bible says.  Women should dress modestly (whether pants, dresses, coulots etc.) and should not dress to entice men.  Women now days say, “Well it doesn’t matter it’s his problem.”  No, it is society’s problem.  Women in America used to care.  That’s all.  But they don’t.  And for that matter it is also good for men to dress in moderation also.

Well, these are two examples of where the church has overstepped their bounds.  I will also say it is wrong to shun people even after they have stopped committing what ever wrong they did.  We should be as God and forget each others sins just as the Lord does not hold a grudge.  David did say, “Lord if you should count our iniquities, Lord who shall stand?….God is not a God who remembers forever our sins nor should we continuously punish someone who is sorry.  But never the less it is happening so much so I don’t ever think I will be found worthy of any of the men at a a particular church

not even if I were acutally reborn a third time and became a virgin all over….I will never truly be considered an equal and probably, this is part of the reason the Father favors me…because I am unwanted, or least esteamed.  But that is also un Biblical because the Bible teaches that every person should esteem the next person as better than himself.

When we go about disqualifying people based on what ever petty reasons we can come up with we in actuality make them greater than ourselves.





What is accusing the brethren?

Why is it when “the brethren” of any particular church label you as an accuser of the brethren just because you point out a problem with the church?

I get this with every church I go to if I stay long enough to where issues develop eventually you’ll run into a problem and if you say anything at all you instantly become

an “accuser of the brethren”.

This is not only a slap in the face because that is not only equating you with Satan (or they’re calling you a liar) they are also saying your problems don’t even matter enough to be even considered as legitimate which is also insulting and frustrating.

How can you possibly bring a group of people together and not have conflict?  It’s impossible.  Churches split over the dumbest reasons:  the color of the toilet paper, which songs are chosen.

Paul had issues arise in the church and he addressed them.  But here you can’t say anything…now this is not only offensive, it is childish, and it’s not only that, it not even Biblical.

There has got to be some way to bring your problems and conflicts with people to light without being called a liar or Satanic  and I’m going to find out what it is.

I know my sister in the Lord did tell me I need to go to a certain person and work things out, which I should have done and not blasted it on facebook, and I apologized.  Not the place to talk about church problems, even though my page is made up of mostly one church, and even though this person never came to me when he/she saw a problem with my behavior.

But to say something wrong happened in the church to you is not wrong…it is communicating and if you can’t communicate with your brothers and sisters in the Lord then you can’t be part of that church, which in turn is a way of getting rid of me….or it’s saying, “Your not important enough to us to even consider anything you have to say.”    In other words:  “Don’t talk to her…we don’t want her to really be part of this….maybe she’ll leave.”  Or in other words….”Let’s giver her the cold shoulder….” :  another way to shun people and it’s never been colder….really, not *anywhere*.  And also, if she complains about anything even how we’re treating her lets call her a liar or an “accuser of the brethren.”

I won’t say anymore.  People are so obnoctous and really before they jump to conclutions about things find out what is really  going on first without having already decided or being closed minded.


“Until Christ be formed in You”

Well, for me it didn’t happen over night.  When I started out I was a rebelious teen sneaking out at night, getting drunk, stoned, hating my sister, experiementing with sex.

I pretty much took over the possition of my X step dad.  I’d come home from school, light up that cigerette, and turn Van Halen up as loud as I could.  The louder the better.  Why I liked it loud I don’t know….maybe because he did….maybe because in his heart I was the daughter he wanted that nobody else wanted….and I knew that.  He even called me “his daughter.”  I acted just like him too….the only “father” I ever knew , mistreating my sister because that is what he did.   I came home drunk one night with my guy friend Mike who was a long haired pot head but a nice long haired pot head who politely took all the blame whenI was so drunk I lit the cigerette from the wrong end….and I really thought I was smoking it.  And the days of “sun-in” and bleach blonde hair that was dry as hay….and a big attitude, so skinny from no food I was almost anorexic, and tanned, verry tanned.  So angry that all it took was for me to drop something to set me off cussing.  Extreamly withdrawn, no real friends except Mike…who probably would have made a good husband if he ever gave up pot, maybe even if he didn’t. ( I beat him at some board game….I don’t remember which one.)

My sister and I had *no* relationship.  My mother was always working and when she wasn’t she was in her room crying over the next guy she lost, and finally begging me, begging me to go to church with her.  I finally did, thinking there had to be something better than this.  I feel bad for my mom but it really wasn’t all her fault.  If my Grandpa wasn’t so abusive she would have had a better life.  “Provoke not your children to anger.”

I’m just now getting to know my sister.  Why does life have to be so difficult.  Most sisters are best friends be we are like Jacob and Esau.  Or in the Bible Rachel and Lea, me always the ugly one…the invisible one….the one who had no personality….no friends…and like Rachel, Rebecca was beautiful and well favored and I was just a lost “ugly” soul still in the “Oh my God what in the world is this” fase.

OK.  Life did not change for me overnight.  First I became a Baptist and after I went through their whole “Romans road to salvation” salvation plan and called on the lord they stopped there.  Didn’t explain repentance, why I needed to be baptised or anything…just the calling and believing part.  Knowing nothing and being extreamly trusting, I believed them….Until I went to youth camp and learned about Lordship salvation.

There is just a mess of religious nonsense out there you have to weed your way through and you can’t believe everything everybody tells you because most of the time they’ve been taught at some seminary what to believe.

I lived in doubts and depression for fifteen years, fearing the “rapture” never sure of anything and scared to death of dying.  But that depression is God’s call telling you there is something wrong.

Best way I moved on from there was after I was confronted by some people who told me about God’s commandments.  I was taught by the Baptists it was not necessary to obey God.  They were pretty convincing about it, but in my heart I knew something was wrong.  After studying with the Sabbath day keepers for about six months I realized I had been duped and was in agaony after that until I started setting aside a time….at least an hour…more like two for study and prayer.

One of my favorite passages that helped me is John 15.  It speaks of abiding in the vine (the branches).  If we dont stay connected with Jesus we can’t grow and we won’t be righteous.  You have to get His Words *in you* and you need to do it every day if you can.

When I started out I did this in the morning…after husband was off to work so about 6:30 am-9:00 am.  It was good.  After a little while maybe about six months I went to a local cell church and told of my new found faith….I unexpectedly ran right into QM, but I didn’t know who he was.  I was still extreamly shook up (or afraid) but at least I knew the Truth.

Eventually, that Truth delivered me from the depression of my younger years, but it also took leaving two abusive relationships.

Google the law written on the heart….Essential, important.  I asked God to write his law in my heart, and he did.  I started seeing progress after about six months.

I still have quite a temper, but its just that I learned to take up for myself.  In the past I kept quiet, let people throw rocks at me, run over me, abuse me.  The drinking and pot stopped when I moved in with my legal guardians….but only because they made me.  I needed structure.  I never thought I’d come this far….to actually be used by God to help his people.  But like I said…you never know what you casn do until you try.

Also, prayer.  A lot of prayer…probably not as much now as needed but maybe 30 min./day.

After a year there will be a significant difference.