Update on weight loss…..

I can feel and see that I’ve lost more weight….maybe 8-10 pounds. I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately. I haven’t been eating a lot either….so getting home late after riding bus to Shabot. I had walked like miles and miles trying to find the synagogue from the bus route first, so I stopped at this one church and a man was so kind as to give me a ride to the synagogue.

Then I get there but they are closed so I went to the mall to talk to people and had this African American group of women pray with me and they told me not to worry. “you can do this…..as God was with Moses so he will be with you.” And I prayed and prayed for hours at Denny’s and they gave me free coffee and I promised the next time I stop in I’ll be sure to order something (because I was totally broke).

But anyway….I’ve gone from a size 3x to a size large (or a size 18). About a size large in pants too. I’m so excited! I haven’t looked this thin since before Hanna was born! So…..14 years ago. So I’m down about 8-10 pounds so right at 200 right now. That’s about 77 pounds all together. I *think* I want to stop at about 180. I look good full figured and I want women to not think you have to be skinny to be beautiful. R. always insisted “you need to get down to what your sapposed to be”….his meaning was “unless you have the body you did when you were 25 I don’t want you”. There’s gotta be more to life than looks because looks fade. My grandma was so beautiful. Even at age 82 she was always happy….always made my day to go see her. I want to be like her. Besides Jesus, she is my hero.


New Goals For A New Year

I tried updating my previous post but it got lost.

So here we go….I want to loose 20 more pounds, exercise at least once a day (sometimes twice a day), eat more chocolate, finish building our house, put another shed out back to turn into a studio, eat less calories, walk closer with the Lord.  With my business I want to take my crafts to fairs, events, shows, and create a business plan after reading completely the book: Grow Your Handmade Business.  By the end of this year my goal is to be making an extra $200/month with my handmade business, maybe more.


Getting past the winter setback….an update and goals for the New year

Well, to be honest with you I’ve majorly slacked off last month.  First, the cooler weather discouraged me, even after bringing everything indoors, buying the exercise dvd’s etc…and then the holidays hit and Lord help! lol….and when I’m at someone else’s house for a vacation-I really loose interest .

But I am in no case discouraged.  We have a new year, and in a few short months (3) I will have been exercising for a year!  So my goal is to finish out the year with NO MORE setbacks.  Time to jump back in and get to work!  So it has been raining all morning but tonight at seven I will do exercise bike, maybe tapes, push ups, squats, arm bands.  Yes!  I WILL do this tonight at 7:00pm.   The days it is not cold and raining I will do my 2 mile walk and finish up with stretching and yoga , my favorite cool down.

Despite not exercising last night, I had a really good blood sugar this morning. It was only 120.  So I’m pleased about that.  But generally when I don’t exercise at night I have a sorry blood sugar in the morning.  So a little exercise goes a long way.

This year I’m also going to challenge myself.  Maybe walk longer or ride my bike for 20 min. longer during an inside work out.  I would consider myself healthier since I decided to start exercising last April-so don’t be discouraged if it seems like your not making progress.  Even loosing 5 pounds *is* progress.

Setting new goals is a good idea.  My goals are to loose 20 more pounds and exercise in some way every day, some times twice a day.  Also, cut back on my calories.  With my craft business my goal is to start taking my art to shows and events (hello Bonham trade days, the fairgrounds, etc…).  With my home I want to get another shed built outside that we will turn into an art studio,  and get kitchen cabinets built and bookshelves. (I’ll provide the money and husband and I will do the work.) What are some of your goals?