Sleep and Health: The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a major factor for good health.  Here recently I have had my days and nights mixed up. It started when I prepared for and studied for my cosmetology certificate. I started getting up around 3:00-4:00 am to study and did that for about 2 years and developed a habit of getting up that early. Well, lately I have been not able to sleep at all and it has led to a bought of depression, which is one of the consequences of lack of sleep. I also have been feeling tired and exhausted during the day.

My husband and best friend suggested I go for a walk. The lack of sleep has also made me slack off on exercise. We need to exert ourselves during the day so we will be tired when it’s time to go to bed. I felt so good that I took a long nap when I got back from walking. And I mean I slept like a rock. I had woke up the night before at 12:00 am and just stayed up, not even tried to go back to sleep and yesterday I just sat on the couch, miserable.

Well anyway-I thought this whole ordeal would make good blog material so I did a study on it and this is what I found….

The Benefits of a Good night’s sleep:

1. A healthier heart. About 7-9 hours of sleep each night will boost your heart health.

2. Reduce chances of getting cancer. Melantonin, a hormone that makes us sleepy, is thought to prevent cancer and is increased when the lights are out when sleeping.

3. Stress-you can easily get stressed out when your not getting the sleep you need, and that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

4. Inflamation- Inflamation is your bodie’s reaction to stress, which is your body’s reaction to lack of sleep. So sleep reduces inflammation.

5. Makes you energized, alert, and able to function mentaly. It makes you want to get out into the sunshine, and life, and exert yourself and use up that energy so you’ll be ready for a good night’s rest.

6. Helps booste your memory-lack of sleep is linked to memory loss. And as we get older we need more sleep. Our memory begins to decrease as we get old too, so taking naps as well as sleep at night proves to be benafitial as we age.

7. Sleep actually helps us loose weight. Who wants to exercise when they feel exhausted? My husband and best friend yesterday nearly begged me to get up and go for my usual 2 mile walk. I was just vegetating on the couch yesterday, not feeling like doing anything. When you lay around all day and have lack of sleep your body’s ability to balance certain hormones affect your appetite. You end up eating more and putting on extra pounds. Combine that with lack of exercise and then your headed for weight gain and obesity.

8. Naps help you feel energized and more alert, unless you over nap. And as I mentioned earlier, as we age we need naps.

9. You can actually prevent depression by making sure you get enough sleep.

10. Helps the body heal-Yes, because your cells produce more protein while sleeping, your body heals quicker. That’s good especially for diabetics like me since being diabetic causes slower healing.  And that’s something else to research:  Why diabetics heal slower.

I’m sure there are more benefits, this is just the tip of the iceberg I’m sure. It is worth researching.



3 thoughts on “Sleep and Health: The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep”

  1. I have trouble sleeping, too, and my best remedies are to get exercise, try to get to bed at a regular time, and to take naps. Amazing how important sleep is to our bodies and minds. Thanks for the info!

  2. When I’m tired I instantly want to eat to get more energy – and my body craves sugary carbs since that’s the quickest energy source it can get, but obviously not the healthiest. Sleep totally effects my ability to be happy and healthy, and maintain a good diet.

    1. yes, sleep is very important. thanks for reading my post. Sometimes I just want to eat in a hurry too, especially when im too tired to cook. I try and gets some quick meals when I go shopping like canned soup or sandwich stuff or plenty of cereal and milk. fruit also to put on top of the cereal is nice. better than fast food.

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