Just an update-exercise *does* make a difference.

I thought I would post an update on my progress. This will be a short post just to get caught up. I took yesterday and the day before and worked on my rugs. I ran into some photo/camera problems and I can’t post on my fiber nook so I thought I’d write a little more on this blog since it is everyone’s favorite so far with my blogs. Eventually, I think I might combine the blogs that way I can make only one or two posts a/ day and have everything right there for people to read.

Since I got back to exercising my blood sugar has been pretty awesome. I have been taking less insulin since the little bit of activity has reduced my blood sugar considerably. Day before yesterday it was 140 in the morning and today it was 100! What my normal b.s. reading is without exercise is over 200. And when I skip exercise in the evening my blood sugar before bed is over 300-400. However, when I workout it comes down to around 200, so I get to take less insulin. So if your diabetic I *strongly* encourage you to put in those exercise dvd’s, get that jump rope, lift those weights, go for that walk or swim; do what ever it is you want to do to bring that blood sugar down. It *does* make a difference.



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