Setting a new goal…

I have been loosing a little weight, maybe five pounds over the past six months, but it’s not enough.  At this rate it will take me ten years to loose the 100 pounds I need to to get rid of the diabetes.  What if my diabetes just takes over and consumes me before I reach my goal?  No, I have to try harder.

So Today is November the 19th and I will start today eating a 1700 calorie diet and I will exercise at least once a day. Some days I might exercise twice a day. The exercise alone , which started in April of this year, has caused me to loose the five pounds I’ve already lost. So, if I rev it up a little maybe I can speed things up a little. So my new goal is to eat a 1700 calorie diet every day for the next year, and loose sixty pounds. That would mean I would need to loose about five pounds a month. I WILL do this.

My current weight is 250 and if I loose 60 pounds that will put me at about 190. After I reach that goal I will set a new one.

I got inspired by another blogger who’s goal was to loose 100 pounds in a year. I thought I would make a goal of my own because so far I have made no goals and haven’t lost a whole lot either. My goal is achievable if I’m careful about what I eat.

If you want join in with me. I need all the support and encouragement I can get. So now I go look up the caloric content of the foods I regularly eat and some foods I should avoid.



5 thoughts on “Setting a new goal…”

      1. so where do I find out about this detox you were talking about? I’m just starting to learn about all this health/fitness stuff. Any resources you know of about detox I can read about online?

      2. Don’t remember what it’s called to be honest, and I wouldn’t suggest doing it.

        I would never do it again because I now know how to eat. I just ate pretty much no starchy carbs, lived off fruit/veg/nuts/beans and meat.

        Detoxes are an interesting thing.. your body is a detoxing machine. So basically, if you don’t put the crap into you to begin with there’s no need to detox.

        The only reason they work for weight loss is because you’re in a huge deficit of calories, which you can do with food if you know how to.

        Also most of the time you lose muscle and not fat, because your body chews up the muscle first as it’s not essential (like fat) to live. If that makes sense?

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