Easy Spanish tortilla

    A quick filling breakfast or lunch or light supper dish
    A quick filling breakfast or lunch or light supper dish

    I love this recipe! It is so quick, nutricous, and man pleasing.
    My mother in law, who is from Spain, taught me how to make these. In Spain the tortilla is an egg dish cooked in a frying pan. I use a cast iron skillet for mine and I will tell you why later.

    First we need to gather the ingredients…

    Four eggs, olive oil, potatos, onion, salt, pepper, parmeson cheese

    First you need to cut up the onion and potato’s into a bowl. Cut the potato’s country style. Just cut the onions kind of like you were cutting an orange (not diced). Add salt and pepper and mix with hands.

    Put about four TBS. Of the oil and add the potato mixture. Heat with a lid on, stirring occationaly . the goal is to get tender potato’s, not browned.

    Cook until onion and potato’s are done and tender.

    Beat eggs with a fork and add salt and pepper. Pour over the cooked potatos and onion. Cook until bottom has set but the top is not done. Most people would flip tortilla at this point by using a plate to slide the partially cooked tortilla on but I cheat by putting it under the broiler to cook the top. This is why I use my cast iron skillet.

    Sprinkle a little parmeson cheese on top and put under the broiler until top is done an slightly brown. Cut into wedges and serve. Enjoy!

    And here we have the finished tortilla.
    And here we have the finished tortilla.

Easy Spanish tortilla and life on the farm

IMG_20141123_131938IMG_20141123_131655First I’m going to show you where I live and then we’ll get to the tortilla.

This is our little cabin in the country and some of the scenary and animals.

My husband and our cat big tiger and our snouzer we affectionately call little guy and our mamma cat I call loveables.


She had kittens in July and we gave them all away except big tiger.
She had kittens in July and we gave them all away except big tiger.

A few more pics around the house..

Our workout equipment.
Our workout equipment.
Kelly already tilled up our garden spot for the spring.
Kelly already tilled up our garden spot for the spring.
Little guy
Little guy

More pics around the house….

Big tiger stretched out on the sofa.  He is already bigger than his mamma and he's only four months!
Big tiger stretched out on the sofa. He is already bigger than his mamma and he’s only four months!
Here's my little fiber nook where I do all my reading, knitting, crochet, dreaming.
Here’s my little fiber nook where I do all my reading, knitting, crochet, dreaming.

I’m a bit unorganized and messy. I probably clean out my corner once or twice a week but it always messes back up the next day…like it has a mind of its own.lol

And here is me, the new found health guru and fiber fanatic….

Me , the not so quiet quietwoman
Me , the not so quiet quietwoman

Well, this is enough for now. I’m about to run out of juice on my notebook so I will continue with the tortilla next post. Have a blast today!!!

Just an update-exercise *does* make a difference.

I thought I would post an update on my progress. This will be a short post just to get caught up. I took yesterday and the day before and worked on my rugs. I ran into some photo/camera problems and I can’t post on my fiber nook so I thought I’d write a little more on this blog since it is everyone’s favorite so far with my blogs. Eventually, I think I might combine the blogs that way I can make only one or two posts a/ day and have everything right there for people to read.

Since I got back to exercising my blood sugar has been pretty awesome. I have been taking less insulin since the little bit of activity has reduced my blood sugar considerably. Day before yesterday it was 140 in the morning and today it was 100! What my normal b.s. reading is without exercise is over 200. And when I skip exercise in the evening my blood sugar before bed is over 300-400. However, when I workout it comes down to around 200, so I get to take less insulin. So if your diabetic I *strongly* encourage you to put in those exercise dvd’s, get that jump rope, lift those weights, go for that walk or swim; do what ever it is you want to do to bring that blood sugar down. It *does* make a difference.


on second thought…..I don’t like counting calories.

I found out after trying it all day that counting calories is not for me. Its monotonous and tiring. Instead, I will focus on eating healthy food only half as much. For breakfast instead of eating my normal two eggs and two pieces of toast I will cut back to only one egg and one piece of toast, of course with butter and preserves or jam (moderation in all things).

I will continue to exercise at least once a day for thirty minutes. I can break the exercise up or choose to do it all at once. I can combine different types of exercise as I work towards my goal of loosing 100 pounds. Eventually I will add some strength training to my routine, but I’m not ready for that yet.


Setting a new goal…

I have been loosing a little weight, maybe five pounds over the past six months, but it’s not enough.  At this rate it will take me ten years to loose the 100 pounds I need to to get rid of the diabetes.  What if my diabetes just takes over and consumes me before I reach my goal?  No, I have to try harder.

So Today is November the 19th and I will start today eating a 1700 calorie diet and I will exercise at least once a day. Some days I might exercise twice a day. The exercise alone , which started in April of this year, has caused me to loose the five pounds I’ve already lost. So, if I rev it up a little maybe I can speed things up a little. So my new goal is to eat a 1700 calorie diet every day for the next year, and loose sixty pounds. That would mean I would need to loose about five pounds a month. I WILL do this.

My current weight is 250 and if I loose 60 pounds that will put me at about 190. After I reach that goal I will set a new one.

I got inspired by another blogger who’s goal was to loose 100 pounds in a year. I thought I would make a goal of my own because so far I have made no goals and haven’t lost a whole lot either. My goal is achievable if I’m careful about what I eat.

If you want join in with me. I need all the support and encouragement I can get. So now I go look up the caloric content of the foods I regularly eat and some foods I should avoid.


Getting back on track

For the past week I have fallen into depression and it has been cold and rainy outside and I just have not been motivated to do anything.  So when that happens what do we do?  I realized I was not taking all my medication properly so I have to get back on track about that.  I feel better today even though I slacked off on my meds.  This little turn of events has put my blood sugar in the sky high range and I have to stop it!

First things first.  First, I realize the problem.  Next is to do something about it…..  Set intentions.  An intention is something you desire to do.  My intention is to get off the couch and move my body. So here we have it:

Intention:  get back to exercising.

Next is to set goals under that intention:

1.  Move the exercise bike into the house and/or take the clothing and other things off the exercise bike so I can actually use the thing.

2. Sit on the bike , decide on a time, and start peddling.

3.  Take those aerobic dvd’s and put them in the dvd player and push play.

4. Get into gear first.  Put sweats on, sneakers, hair back in pony tail.

You can break it down even further and put tasks under each of those goals.


4.goal: ride exercise bike for twenty minutes.  tasks: Get into gear first. tasks…. Put sweats on, sneakers, hair back in pony tail.

tasks continued: Walk to exercise bike and get on….task:  start peddling. task:  Maybe warm up with a short walk because weather is improving.

We can do this!!!

O.K. I did it!!! I warmed up with ten miles on the exercise bike (stationary).  I know this sounds like a lot but it only took me ten minutes peddling at not so fast of a speed.  Then I went and walked about a mile, slowly because I have back problems today and I didn’t want to hurt myself.  It took me no more than twenty-five minutes to walk that mile, which was only down to the end of our road and back.  Usually I do two miles but my back is out of whack.  (Lower back pain probably from sitting too much).  I come back and was warmed up enough to take off my sweatshirt and hat once I got inside.  Then I cycled for another 10 miles on the stationary bike.  So the total workout cost me only about forty minutes.  I watched a work out video by Denise Austin while laying on the heating pad.

I would also like to add that the walk really felt good after I got out there and did it.  I just wore my sweats and made sure I had a hat on before I left.  The fresh air was good for me.  I’ve been cooped up too long in the house and my depression went away.  It was good to take things easy today, since it was my first day back into my routine.

Also, I would like to add that it helps to change things up a bit from time to time.  Riding the bike while watching t.v. was a break from the monotony of walking the two miles all at once.  Sometimes at the end of the day I’ll do another walk so my blood sugar will go down at night, I won’t have to take as much insulin , and I will have a good blood sugar reading in the morning.