Ten foods with a bad reputation that are saprisingly good for you

A very much loved family member is always telling me “you shouldn’t eat bread or potatoes because they are fattening”.  I think, well life is fattening!  And your not going to get fat if you eat just a little bit of what you love.  People deprive themselves for no reason, afraid to eat certain foods because they hear or think they’re bad for you.  My goal is to take some of the most judged foods that have a bad rep. and show you that they aren’t as bad as what people think.

1.  Pizza-another food that a very loved family member wants to never eat.  But why?  Pizza can be a very healthy food if made properly.  Fast food pizza is usually made with white crust that isn’t that good for you. But why not make your own crust and instead of using white flower use whole wheat or half in half?  Throw in some flax seeds and wheat germs for some omega 3 fatty acids.  Fresh veggies to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals can also be used.  Also, add lean meats like low fat ground beef and turkey or chicken.  Making pizza at home using fresh ingredients is a very healthy alternative to fast food pizza.

2. Eggs-eggs have a bad reputation due to their cholesterol content and frying eggs or adding butter increases calories, but saprisingly eggs are low in fat, a good source of protein, and helps keep you full so you won’t snack.  And did you know that our body needs cholesterol?  People want to avoid them because of the cholesterol but there is actually good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, so we shouldn’t avoid all foods that have cholesterol.

3.  Bread-now here is the big one.  Bread isn’t called the “staff of life” for no reason. Just like oil and cholesterol, all bread is not created equally.  Whole grain bread is an excellent choice and packed full of fiber and other nutrients.  I reccamend a book: * Making bread at home*.  I can’t see how something so beautiful and homey is bad for you health.  When I make waffles I make mine with whole wheat flower mixed half and half with white flower and I use sugar free syrup because of being diabetic.  Add a little lean sausage on the side and some coffee and fruit and you’ve got yourself a good nutritious breakfast.  (More about coffee later).  Bread is something fun you can make at home and experiment with different ingredients.  You can make it as healthy as you want.  You will be saprised at how many different breads there are when you make it at home.

4. chocolate:  Chocolate contains a substance called flavoids which helps prevent heart disease and cancer.  When people consume chocolate the antioxidents increase in the blood.  There is also a mood altering substance in chocolate which describes why so many women love it.  It actually makes you happy.  The dark chocolate is the best for you.

5.  Peanut butter-  Well not all peanut butter is made the same.  The stuff I grew up with is full of hydrogenated oil added to make it spread easier and not separate.  Hydrogenated oils clog your arteries.  It’s better to eat the natural peanut butter that is made with just peanuts and salt-nothing more.  Sometimes we have to work a bit when mixing it up-but just think…we can consider it as part of our exercise routine-yea that’s a good way to look at it! lol

6.  Coffee-  Coffee is said to make you smarter.  The caffine found in coffee can improve your mood, reaction time,memory, vigilance, and cognitive function.  I have found it to also be an excellent laxative. In moderation caffine is good for you.  It improves both health and brain function.  It also helps you to burn fat, boostes your metabolism and is loaded with nutrients and antioxidents.  Coffee, like anything, is good for you in moderation.  It very well may be the healthiest beverage in the world!

7. Popcorn-Popcorn is not just a snack for the movies- it is actually good for you when not loaded down with butter flavoring. Air popped is the healthiest for you.  Plain popcorn when not cooked with oil or flavored with butter contains only 1 gram of fat per serving (3 cups).  It is a whole grain carbohydrate with small amounts of vitamins and minerals.  The fiber content helps with bowl function, controls cholesterol, and blood sugar.  It’s great to eat when trying to loose weight.

8.  Cheese-  Cheese has a bad rep. because of the saturated fat in it.  But is saturated fat all that bad for you?  Cheese has been around for ages.  Cheese has a slew of nutrients:  calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vit.A and vit. B12.  Americans need more calcium in their diet, especially women.  What’s even better is many cheeses (like cheddar and swiss) contain little or no lactose (if your lactose intolerant).  Also, new research shows that saturated fat has little risk contributed to heart disease, allowing more people to enjoy this wonderful, versatile food.

9.  Are hamburgers healthy ?   O.K. lets treat this just like the pizza.  What’s in a hamburger?  Bread, meat, pickles , relish, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard cheese.  You can choose lean meat.  We’ve already discussed bread and cheese an . What about t he tomatoes pickles, onion, mustard, and mayonaise? Nothing is unhealthy about any of those.  So what are we afraid of? I think there is a stigma with hamburgers from all the fast food joints that just throw things together and call it food. What if we choose lean meats or grow our own veggies? We can choose better bread instead of that white gunk you can roll into a ball like play dough.  You know….that
stuff with no vitamins or fiber. We can also control our portion sizes and not eat three, but just one hamburger. And what about baking the fries instead of frying them?

10. Butter- as far as butter goes anything that is natural is bound to be better for you than the substitute stuff. I’ve read that whipped butter has half the amount of saturated fat as regular butter. But our great grandparents used it and had nothing else so why is butter so bad? It’s not. Most of the margarine and other butter substitutes have artery clogging hydrogenated oils in them . Your body recognises the animal fats in real butter too and can more easily digest them. So the good old fashioned butter isn’t the villan after all.


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