Ten inexpensive things to do when you can’t exercise outside

Last winter was the worse I had ever seen in Texas. It snowed for a couple of days and we lost power for almost a week. Everything stayed iced over for a week and you could not drive anywhere. I happened to be stuck in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and couldn’t go home to East Texas for two weeks! I had been walking but there was no way to do it now! My blood sugar was also way up and I wasn’t doing anything inside the house-just vegetating.

Here are some inexpensive ideas of what we can do when the conditions are not favorable outside or when you wake up late from a nap and it’s already dark outside…..

1. Move the stationary bike inside and ride while watching tv.

2. Rent or buy some exercise videos (Denise Austin is fabulous and she has a whole slew of dvd’s on Amazon-some very inexpensive). It would be good to buy some ahead of time for a rainy day and you can just pop them in when it’s pouring down rain (or snow).

3. Get the vacuum cleaner out and vacuum the whole house-with gusto. And while your at it clean the entire house-with gusto!

4. Take the dumbells inside and work on strength training. Even combine strength training with riding the sta. bike for something my spouse calls “around the world”.

5. If you have the room do some leg lunges back and forth for 30 min. and then do some cool down exercises afterwards. Lunges are done by extending one leg infront of the other then bending the back leg and try and touch the floor. Come up from that position using the front thigh to push yourself back up. Then switch to other leg and repeat.

6. Put on some music and just dance for 30 minutes.

7. Do some floor exercises like push ups and sit ups.

8. Do some pilates. It would be helpful if you had a book that would demonstrate some of the pilates movements. I reccamend “Fit and Fabulous after Fourty” by Denise Austin.

9. Get out some of those stretchable bands and work out with them. If you don’t know how to use them look around for a good book for ideas on how to use them. These bands are great and save space when you don’t want to move bulky equipment around. They are great for toning and strengthening your arms and legs. Combine with some squats for a great workout.

10. Climb the stairs for 30 min. then do some gentle stretches and maybe some yoga to cool down with and relax.



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