Walking for Fun and Fitness

It had rained the past two days in North Texas, smothering the heat of late Summer with it’s coolness;  perfect for an early morning walk.  I get up early before 5:00 am and start my day.  I go for my first walk around 6:30 am, while its still a bit dark.  I like to watch the sunrise every morning.  In the evening, before the sun goes down I walk again, finishing off my day with 45 minutes of walking and fifteen minutes of stretching and yoga for flexibility and ballance.

The Benefits of walking on your health:

1.  Increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis

2. increases cardiovascular fitness

3. increases pulmonary fitness

4. prevents type 2 diabetes

5.  prevents some type of cancers

6.  helps reduce body fat

7.  improves blood sugar levels

Just 30 minutes every 4-5 days to a healthier you!  What?  Don’t have time?  Make time.  You can even break it down to fifteen minutes each time at different times of the day.  So turn the t.v. off, take a break from the computer and do something good for your health.  Start walking!



just an update

I have tried three times to post this update but it keeps getting lost, so here goes round three.  I realized after a year and a half of having to increase my medication and insulin’s injections that I had to get off my rear and do something to improve my condition because I was facing dialasis in the near future.  I had heard from  a neighbor that her doctor told her she was going to die if she didn’t start exercising, so she started walking.

I didn’t expect to live another ten years if I didn’t do something myself also.  I started walking in April of 2014, and let me tell you it has made a world of difference!  Not only did it reduce my blood sugar by over 100 points but I also got to cut back on my medication!  At first I only walked a mile a day and have worked myself up to 2-4 miles a day.  I walk about a mile in the morning and do my major walking in the evening.  

I’ve also changed my diet;  no sugary sodas or cookies and candy to the minamum.  Also, we are eating more beans and dried peas plus more fresh fruit and vegetables.  

I feel so much better and have more energy!  I would reccamend walking and change of diet to anyone wanting to improve their health.