And in some places like facebook we aren’t even allowed to reply to their posts….

Someone had written an article about fat acceptance/body image.  Why is it that these people tend to show themsleves excercising?  Why can’t they say…” I excercise for X amount of minutes every day”?  I don’t believe in “health at every size” because they condone being dangerously large and try to tell you it’s healthy.  Then when I comment to their ridiculous assumptions in disagreement they get mad and tell me not to make any more fat hate comments to their posts.  I left a size acceptance group because I could not agree with their total lack of concern over their size and health and because I couldn’t even say anything thought provoking there and now here they come to face book and make these comments with picutures of nearly nude obese women making assumptions of how healthy they are and won’t even give you the benefit of replying.  First they police yahoogroups then they police facebook.  And we can’t even disagree with them!  They force their agenda on facebook and we can’t even reply!