Just a little grosed out by some of the “accept your body” posts….

I don’t understand why people with the “accept your body” ideas want to post these photos of grotesque women showing all this obesity hanging everywhere…with their stomachs hanging out of their shirts or their shirts pulled up so you can see all the layers of fat.  Is this sapposed to create some kind of longing in our hearts….”Oh yea, I want to look just like ya’ll” or what?  What are they trying to prove?  It is just ridiculous and to further make the statement that we can have “health at every size” is ridiculous!  I used to be apart of a group that was this minded until I got diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, and I’m not even that big!  I hear all this talk about “fat acceptance” and I have to ask the question:  ” Where do we draw the line?”  “When we can no longer walk?  When we have to get our legs cut off?  When we have to get a quadriple bi-pass?”  I don’t see any pictures of people with ulcers on their feet that won’t heal or open heart surgery do you?  And to continue to condone a lifestyle that leads to these horrible pictures of extreame obesity is just ludicrous!  It’s almost like they are proud of themselves for how grose they look.  And yet more and more people are coming down with diabetes.  Why didn’t this happen in the 1800’s?  Because people took better care of themselves back then.  And now days we have all this technology and all this health care but the so many people have diabetes and heart disease and cancer.  Why?


One thought on “Just a little grosed out by some of the “accept your body” posts….”

  1. I have too been putting allot of thought to this problem. It’s the life style that we live. It’s not easy to stay away from all the stuff that makes us sick. Big bus owns the media. To pay for the media it needs advertising. Those who advertise are turn over companies: Big fat Burgers, Big fat Fries, Big fat cakes, etc. We see those pain reducing ads and eat. Out the window goes pride. One gets a defensive attitude, eats to ease the pain from what one says. I personally lost 60 lbs, but it was from a condition not resolved from 3 doctors, again the big bus cycle. See where I am going? Thanks.

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