walked last night and felt so good

Yesterday evening felt so good last night.  It’s not yet hot outside in Texas, well…not real hot yet.  When you hear the cicadas chirping , still chirping in the evening you know it’s hot in Texas.  Husband told me how nice it was outside.  I wish I would have spent more time out there instead of being on the puter.  Walked for about 45 min. last night.  Alex, my stepson, will be coming Sunday 3rd maybe w/his girl friend.  He has got us started on Herbal life, although I have to wait till next month to purchase some  Well, when I count my stepchild I can say I have 7 children!  I sure love being a Mom.  Children bring such joy into your life then suddenly they are grown.  Cherish every moment and don’t fret about the stretch marks and saggy belly/boobs because you gave birth and breast fed.  I’m proud of my body with all it’s motherhood marks.  I worked hard for this body…I just need to take better care of it that’s all.


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