Just a little grosed out by some of the “accept your body” posts….

I don’t understand why people with the “accept your body” ideas want to post these photos of grotesque women showing all this obesity hanging everywhere…with their stomachs hanging out of their shirts or their shirts pulled up so you can see all the layers of fat.  Is this sapposed to create some kind of longing in our hearts….”Oh yea, I want to look just like ya’ll” or what?  What are they trying to prove?  It is just ridiculous and to further make the statement that we can have “health at every size” is ridiculous!  I used to be apart of a group that was this minded until I got diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, and I’m not even that big!  I hear all this talk about “fat acceptance” and I have to ask the question:  ” Where do we draw the line?”  “When we can no longer walk?  When we have to get our legs cut off?  When we have to get a quadriple bi-pass?”  I don’t see any pictures of people with ulcers on their feet that won’t heal or open heart surgery do you?  And to continue to condone a lifestyle that leads to these horrible pictures of extreame obesity is just ludicrous!  It’s almost like they are proud of themselves for how grose they look.  And yet more and more people are coming down with diabetes.  Why didn’t this happen in the 1800’s?  Because people took better care of themselves back then.  And now days we have all this technology and all this health care but the so many people have diabetes and heart disease and cancer.  Why?


walked last night and felt so good

Yesterday evening felt so good last night.  It’s not yet hot outside in Texas, well…not real hot yet.  When you hear the cicadas chirping , still chirping in the evening you know it’s hot in Texas.  Husband told me how nice it was outside.  I wish I would have spent more time out there instead of being on the puter.  Walked for about 45 min. last night.  Alex, my stepson, will be coming Sunday 3rd maybe w/his girl friend.  He has got us started on Herbal life, although I have to wait till next month to purchase some  Well, when I count my stepchild I can say I have 7 children!  I sure love being a Mom.  Children bring such joy into your life then suddenly they are grown.  Cherish every moment and don’t fret about the stretch marks and saggy belly/boobs because you gave birth and breast fed.  I’m proud of my body with all it’s motherhood marks.  I worked hard for this body…I just need to take better care of it that’s all.

Why I started this blog

Hello world, and people out there both supportive and nonsupportive My name is Rhonda Jones and I am the mother of six children.  The reason I started this blog is to interact with and even challenge ideas about the new accept your body movement.  First, I would like to say that I am a full figured woman and I have been probably after the birth of my 4th child, 16 years ago.  I am about 246 pounds and I’m 5’7″ tall.  Not extreamly obese but getting there if I keep going how I am. 

I was all for the “accept your body movement” for many years after going on a crazy diet for a month.  I was eating maybe one half a tortilla for lunch with 1/4 cup full of beans and fasting on and off through the month to loose weight.  I was married to a man who wouldn’t have it any other way than me looking how I did when we first got married (a size 12 or smaller).  I was only 180 lbs. and I didn’t look so bad after having 5 children.  Well, I got down to about 180 lbs.  About that time (about 9 yrs. ago) I came across this book:  Learning Curves living your life in full and with style by Michelle West.  This was my first book I ever read on body image/body acceptance.  And I loved the idea and the freedom that this introduced into my life!  Well, sadly, my husband did NOT like my new ideas and he demanded that I loose even more weight.  But I really didn’t want to put myself on starvation mode again.  Then I got pregnant and put on about 50 more pounds!  Soon after the delivery of my sixth child husband withdrew from me, and he started wanting a divorce .  It put me through a nervous breakdown, I was hospitalized and put on medication .  At the hospital I lost down to 190 but put it back on and then some and I am now 245 give or take.

Soon after our divorce I joined a size acceptance group and got encouragement to accept my size.  While I agreed with most of what they said and I liked going to a place that didn’t “judge” you because of your size, I soon realized that while many of them seemingly *had* accepted themselves at their current size/weight there was an underlying lack of concern about their health, many times even denying that being so overweight/obese was even a danger to their health.  I went a long with it for a while, but I could not get it out of my head that I wasn’t going to live that long if I didn’t *do something* to improve myself.  I was off and on with this group over the past year.  Then something unexpected happened….

I went to the doctor to have some ordinary blood tests done and found out I had high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides.  They put me on medication immediatly to get my triglycerides and cholesterol down and combat what was obvious signs of diabetes.  That was last October of 2012.  Just recently they have diagnosed me with diabetes.  All ready I have had numbness and tingling in my fingertips and wounds heal alot slower.  I don’t want this disease!!!  While I am totaly against going on another diet (because as many of you know diets don’t work) I know I *need* to do something.  In may I was diagnosed with full fledged diabetes.  At age 45!  Me?  with diabetes?  I didn’t do much from October to May , still stuck in the mindset that I should “just accept my body”.  Well, it’s not a sin to care about your health. 

 Loving your body also means taking care of yourself, your temple that God has given you, even if it means excercising and having the proper diet, which some have totaly aboned on the above mentioned group.  And they have the attitude that it’s none of anybody’s business what they eat and how much they eat and what they weigh, all at their loved one’s expense because they are the ones who will enevitably have to take care of them when they can no longer walk. 

I’m currently looking for a lifestyle change, one that I can follow for life and not just a couple of weeks until I loose X amount of weight.  My focus is on health, not weight loss, even though I wouln’t mind loosing about 100 pounds.  My new husband has been trying to encourage me to loose weight/get some excercise.  When we first married we lifted weights together.  I have started walking for 30 min. in the morning.  Not much but it’s a start.  I’m going to see a diatician and a doctor maybe of natural medicine to help me come up with a food plan that I can loose weight with. 

The sad thing is that while I reported to above group that I did not want to accept the diagnosis, that I was going to *do something* to improve my health they all accused me of negligence.  They have settled into their little ruts and *no one* seems to want to change their current situation or do a thing to improve themselves.  They are negative towards change and improvement and possitive about accepting their bodies, some of them over 400 lbs. without the slightest hint of concern for their health.  I want to be a part of a group that cares about themselves, and that would include their bodies too.  I don’t want to be a part of a group that has these self defeating attitudes about themselves, “well even if I do loose weight I’ll just gain it right back.”  so they don’t even try because they have already defeated themselves before they even begin.  I’m *NOT* going to give up like they have.  I’m going to *do* something about my health, my body, and my life.

Rhonda Jones