For the love of food: Mexican food


Getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat salad the rest of your life. It’s all about portion control and “all things in moderation” as the Bible says. Some people go too far and outlaw bread, potatoes, eggs. They say, “Bread is bad for you because it just turns to sugar.” or “eggs have cholesterol” or “meat has fat in it.” or potatoes are high in carbs and you shouldn’t eat them.” The key is moderation, not depravation.

“Mexican food can be some of the most exciting and healthy food around! It doesn’t have to be greasy and unhealthy. It is fun to make too. Rich and colorful and spicy, I don’t think I can live without it!

One of my favorite things to do with Mexican food is to make my own tortillas. Tortillas are made with a special flour called “masa”. There is generally two types of masa: corn and white. Both of them make some of the tastiest breads around! Once you have your masa follow the directions on the back of the package.

It would be benefitial to also have a tortilla press and a cast iron skillet to make the tortillas round and thin and to cook the tortillas in.  You will need to use two pieces of plastic wrap to place the tortilla in while pressing, or use a rolling pin.  I usually use my hands and just press into shape, but this makes thick tortillas and we want thin.

Once the tortillas are round and flat put them in the skillet and cook about 3-5 min. on each side or until you see little brown or black places on the tortilla.

Next you can make tacos. You can make taco filling out of almost anything. One of my favorites is called “Ropas Vieho” or “Old Clothes”. It makes a good breakfast filling.
What you need to do is buy or make some Mexican sausage. It is called chorizo at the grocery store, but I’ve found the chorizo in the grocery store to have too much fat, so I make my own chorizo.

Chorizo can be made easily by just taking some ground beef or pork and adding Mexican seasonings: cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. Mix all together and cook until done.

The final step is to crack about four-five eggs over about 1 lb. sausage and stir until done. Add salt to taste. Fill the tortillas and add cheese and salsa if desired and you have a pretty good breakfast going on there!

Another of my favorite taco fillings is just meat (chicken, pork, beef) cut into long strips, seasoned with Mexican seasonings (cumin, garlic, chili powder, cayenne pepper) and cooked in a little olive oil until done.
Put into prepared tortillas and top with salsa and cheese or guacamole and sour cream. Delicioso!

My favorite Mexican dish of all time is chicken enchiladas. You don’t need much chicken for this-just about three chicken breasts cooked. I usually boil my chicken. You can roast it if you like but with boiling you can use the chicken broth to make your enchilada sauce.

Enchilada sauce: 1 tsp. flour, 1.5 tsp. olive oil, 1/2 tsp. oregano, 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp. cumin, 1/2 tsp. garlic powder, 1 can chicken broth (or use broth from cooking the chicken). 1 can tomato sauce, 1 tsp. lime juice.

In large skillet saute’ the flour in the oil. Add the spices and cook for about min., Add the broth and tomato sauce and the lime juice. Bring to boil and cook and stir until thickened. Fill the tortillas with chicken (cooked) and cooked onion. (It will help if the tortillas were heated in the microwave a bit). Lay them side by side in an oven safe casserole dish coated with the enchilada sauce. (Saving some sauce to go on top). When the dish is full pour remaining sauce on top and the grated cheese and bake in oven until warmed through and cheese is melted. Serve with sour cream, salsa, and jalepeno peppers.


Loosing weight slow and steady….


I’ve been with these support groups who say, “I know if I loose weight I’ll just gain it right back.”  Well, all I can say to that is whether or not you think you can….your right.  I’ve lost 30 pounds over the past three years, and hey-it’s not rocket science.  All you have to do is eat less and move more.  I was a stay at home wife and mother and my children didn’t live with me so I put on 25 pounds because I had no children to chase after all day.  I got up to 275 pounds!  I did’t even try to loose it- but at first just listened to that group that said, “Well if I loose weight I’ll just gain it right back.”  I hate that give up attitude.  I lost 30 pounds in 2011 and I have kept it off for three years!  How did I do it? I just went to beauty college and just being out of the house and doing something caused me to loose 30 pounds.  I still have another 100 to go but I’m not done yet!  I gained back 10 pounds because I finished beauty school and I’ve been around the house and around the food more but  I just lost another 5 pounds since April!  How did I do it?  I started walking at least two miles a day, sometimes three.  I get up around 3:00-4:00 am and have some quiet time and about 6:30 or 7:00 am I go for my first walk.  Then before I go to bed and right before the sun goes down I do another walk, usually totaling out to be 3 miles total per day.

The weight is not coming off very fast, but just that little change in my lifestyle has caused me to loose five pounds.  So since last April I’ve lost that much.  If I keep this up in two years I could loose twenty pounds!  That’s two ten pounds sacks of taters ya’ll!  Then I think if I really really cut back on my eating-maybe I could double that and loose forty pounds in two years!  And I was told by more than one doctor that if I kept this up I could totally go off insulin!!!

It doesn’t take much to make a difference.  Just a two mile walk has worked wonders!  I’ve also shed about 2″ off my midsection!  Man, if I keep this up I can knit that sweater for myself and not have to make adjustments to make it larger!  I can get back into a size 1X and turn those 2X shirts into rag rugs!  (see my other blog about that-“my fiber nook”).

So get off that couch ya’ll and get moving!!!  And that will be one sandwich not two for lunch.  And one serving of potato salad, not two.  Just one hot dog, if you can-not two.  And when you go out to eat think portion size.   Don’t eat until your stuffed-eat until it’s enough and your stomach will adjust.  I never eat until I’m stuffed because it will take three big plate fulls to fill me up!  Avoid the all you can eat buffet.  I know-that Chinese food is good but those are the busters when it comes to our eating enough or staying with any diet plan.  Think portion size and move more-it’s not rocket science. Avoid the all you can eat places and eat less or just fill your plate up once.  You’ll love yourself more when you see yourself dropping the weight.


Walking for Fun and Fitness


It had rained the past two days in North Texas, smothering the heat of late Summer with it’s coolness;  perfect for an early morning walk.  I get up early before 5:00 am and start my day.  I go for my first walk around 6:30 am, while its still a bit dark.  I like to watch the sunrise every morning.  In the evening, before the sun goes down I walk again, finishing off my day with 45 minutes of walking and fifteen minutes of stretching and yoga for flexibility and ballance.

The Benefits of walking on your health:

1.  Increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis

2. increases cardiovascular fitness

3. increases pulmonary fitness

4. prevents type 2 diabetes

5.  prevents some type of cancers

6.  helps reduce body fat

7.  improves blood sugar levels

Just 30 minutes every 4-5 days to a healthier you!  What?  Don’t have time?  Make time.  You can even break it down to fifteen minutes each time at different times of the day.  So turn the t.v. off, take a break from the computer and do something good for your health.  Start walking!


just an update


I have tried three times to post this update but it keeps getting lost, so here goes round three.  I realized after a year and a half of having to increase my medication and insulin’s injections that I had to get off my rear and do something to improve my condition because I was facing dialasis in the near future.  I had heard from  a neighbor that her doctor told her she was going to die if she didn’t start exercising, so she started walking.

I didn’t expect to live another ten years if I didn’t do something myself also.  I started walking in April of 2014, and let me tell you it has made a world of difference!  Not only did it reduce my blood sugar by over 100 points but I also got to cut back on my medication!  At first I only walked a mile a day and have worked myself up to 2-4 miles a day.  I walk about a mile in the morning and do my major walking in the evening.  

I’ve also changed my diet;  no sugary sodas or cookies and candy to the minamum.  Also, we are eating more beans and dried peas plus more fresh fruit and vegetables.  

I feel so much better and have more energy!  I would reccamend walking and change of diet to anyone wanting to improve their health.

And in some places like facebook we aren’t even allowed to reply to their posts….


Someone had written an article about fat acceptance/body image.  Why is it that these people tend to show themsleves excercising?  Why can’t they say…” I excercise for X amount of minutes every day”?  I don’t believe in “health at every size” because they condone being dangerously large and try to tell you it’s healthy.  Then when I comment to their ridiculous assumptions in disagreement they get mad and tell me not to make any more fat hate comments to their posts.  I left a size acceptance group because I could not agree with their total lack of concern over their size and health and because I couldn’t even say anything thought provoking there and now here they come to face book and make these comments with picutures of nearly nude obese women making assumptions of how healthy they are and won’t even give you the benefit of replying.  First they police yahoogroups then they police facebook.  And we can’t even disagree with them!  They force their agenda on facebook and we can’t even reply!



Just a little grosed out by some of the “accept your body” posts….


I don’t understand why people with the “accept your body” ideas want to post these photos of grotesque women showing all this obesity hanging everywhere…with their stomachs hanging out of their shirts or their shirts pulled up so you can see all the layers of fat.  Is this sapposed to create some kind of longing in our hearts….”Oh yea, I want to look just like ya’ll” or what?  What are they trying to prove?  It is just ridiculous and to further make the statement that we can have “health at every size” is ridiculous!  I used to be apart of a group that was this minded until I got diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, and I’m not even that big!  I hear all this talk about “fat acceptance” and I have to ask the question:  ” Where do we draw the line?”  “When we can no longer walk?  When we have to get our legs cut off?  When we have to get a quadriple bi-pass?”  I don’t see any pictures of people with ulcers on their feet that won’t heal or open heart surgery do you?  And to continue to condone a lifestyle that leads to these horrible pictures of extreame obesity is just ludicrous!  It’s almost like they are proud of themselves for how grose they look.  And yet more and more people are coming down with diabetes.  Why didn’t this happen in the 1800’s?  Because people took better care of themselves back then.  And now days we have all this technology and all this health care but the so many people have diabetes and heart disease and cancer.  Why?